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Noriko Endo portrait

About Noriko Endo

Noriko's earliest experiences of remarkable color usage came while watching the surprising color combinations chosen by her mother as she knitted for the family, choosing unerringly as the garment was forming from a large selection of odd balls of yarn.The painter's habit of carrying a certain conformation of tones and colors in head comes naturally to Noriko.

Since 1985, the duties of raising her family behind her, she has been able to devote herself entirely to carrying out her lifetime wish of creating quilts as the ideal medium for her exuberant color usage and her deep feeling for trees.

She developed a technique that allowed her to manipulate color instead of repeating a pattern, as is usually done with traditional patchwork techniques. This new method, Confetti Naturescapes, produce a subtle but densely textured surface full of light and color, and look like oil paintings, became her trade mark.

She studied English literature in University in Tokyo and she has been teaching English at her home to her neighbor kids for more than fifteen years before turning to quilting professionally. Her earliest quilts followed traditional style but she soon developed her own techniques.

She loves to walk in the woods. She finds inspiration for her work whilewalking in the woods. The beauty of nature, the shining green leaves, the fascinating changing color of the maple trees, the reflections on the water inspired her to create her naturescapes. She loves to work on the "Painting with fabrics". Images in the photographs also provide conceptual inspiration for the quilt design. Her love of fabrics helps to create her quilts using multiple color coordination.

Recently she was featured as Artist in Residence at the Empty Spools Seminars in Asilomar, CA, and also at HGTV, Simply Quilts with Alex Anderson. Her work has been shown in the U.S., Europe, Korea, Taiwan, South Africa and Japan, and included in national exhibits such as Quilt Visions, Quilt National, Quilt Nihon.