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Color My Garden

Adult Coloring Book

Jane Sassaman

Applique Mastery cover
Appliqué Mastery

Create Your Own Quilt Masterpiece:
Processes, Possibilities & Pattern

Philippa Naylor

Confetti Naturescapes cover
Quilt National 2013

The Best in Contemporary Quilts


Confetti Naturescapes cover
Patchwork Sassaman Style

Recipes for Dazzling Quilts

Jane Sassaman

Silk Unraveled cover
Silk Unraveled

Experiments in Tearing,
Fusing, Layering, and Stitching

Lorna Moffat

Quilting Party! cover
Quilting Party

Group Quilting for
Celebration, Commemoration
& Charity--or Just for Fun

Linda Chang Teufel

M. Joan Lintault cover
M. Joan Lintault

Connecting Quilts, Art & Textiles

M. Joan Lintault

Koos Couture Collage cover
Koos & Couture Collage

Inspiration & Techniques

Linda Chang Teufel