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FibreArt Montage book cover
266 pages,
8.5" x 11"
(ISBN 9780981886015)
Full color throughout


Fibreart Montage

Combining Quilting, Embroidery & Photography with Embellishments

The award-winning Fibreart Montage showcases stunning, full-color photographs of the newest mixed-media technique: a unique blend of photography, watercolors, pen and ink illustrations, and needlework design, created by Judith Baker Montano, an internationally renowned artist, whose life speaks through her beautiful fantasy landscape and seascape crazy quilts.

The montage technique is more than the sum of its parts - more than quilting, more than embellishment. Starting with a computer-manipulated photograph, Judith combines grafted patterns, crazy quilting, manipulated fabrics, embellishments, dyeing and embroidery techniques. First a bit of history, then Judith gently guides her readers through every step of the creative process and inspires them to a new level of personal expression.

Readers will enjoy thumbing through the 200+ pages of this highly readable and visually exciting book. And yes, they too can create a one-of-a-kind fiber masterpiece.