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Jane Sassaman Fern Fronds Scarf
100% silk satin, 36” square, hand hemmed, Printed in China



Jane Sassaman Fern Fronds Scarf


Walking through the dappled shadows of the forest you encounter a fresh stand of fern fronds rustling in the early summer breeze. An occasional dragonfly flits through the narrow beams of sunshine and Mother Nature’s magic surrounds you.

This new scarf is quintessential Jane Sassaman, inspired by her natural surroundings and translated into bold graphic motifs. But this black and white design is even more striking due to its lack of color. Its high contrast also contributes to the bold graphic drama and versatility.

Can’t you imagine it paired with a tailored suit or a little black dress? But it would be just as striking paired with a colorful swing coat, denim jacket or cashmere sweater.