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FibreArt Montage detail


Columbus, Ohio - 2009

Introducing Judith Baker Montano's Cutting Edge Fibreart Montage

Dragon Threads, your source for the most unique and innovative quilting books on the market, is thrilled to present the long-awaited title from internationally-renowned fibre artist Judith Baker Montano: Fibreart Montage: Combining Quilting, Embroidery & Photography with Embellishments.

Fibreart Montage features full-color, jaw-dropping photographs of the newest mixed media techniques perfected by Judith, a leading expert on crazy quilting and embellishment.

A huge trend in the quilting industry right now, mixed media is taken to a whole new level with Judith's unique combination of photography, watercolors, pen and ink illustrations and needlework design. Judith's work has evolved throughout her long and celebrated career. It's the newest incarnation of her work, Fibreart Montage, which is featured in this book. The Montage effect is like nothing you've ever seen before. Judith's Montage effect can be seen in her beautiful crazy quilts, sparkling with embellishment and manipulation techniques. And Montage is used brilliantly in Judith's landscape and fantasy underwater quilts. Starting from a computer-manipulated photograph, Judith transforms the image into grafted patterns along with crazy quilting, manipulated fabrics, embellishments, dye techniques and embroidery techniques.

Judith's friendly prose takes readers step-by-step through the techniques she uses to achieve texture and depth in her fabric landscape quilts. She gives her readers permission to combine techniques and to use materials in new ways and yet respect the tradition of the quilting art form.

Any quilter will enjoy thumbing through the 200 pages of this inspiring, visually exciting book. Dramatic photos of Judith's art quilts will have readers wondering "How did she do that!?" Judith's enthusiastic, straightforward instructions will answer this question and inspire quilters to try these techniques themselves!

Fibreart Montage: Combining Quilting, Embroidery & Photography with Embellishments by Judith Baker Montano will be available beginning late October.

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