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Columbus, Ohio - 2006

Introducing Quilting by Improvisation by Vikki Pignatelli

Innovative quilt artist, international teacher, and author of Quilting Curves, Vikki Pignatelli, leads readers on a journey of inspiration with her newest work Quilting by Improvisation: Exploring Curves, Openwork and Dimension. Throughout the book, quilters are motivated with patterns and detailed instructions for embellishing their wall quilts with an array of the author's newest techniques: one-of-a-kind openings, fabric pleats, wrinkles, tubes and other dimensional enhancements. She gently encourages the reader to develop their own creativity and imagination to design quilts that reflect individual personalities and personal philosophies.

Vikki begins with a review of her "Crazy About Curves" technique, an easy method for surface piecing curves and angles into quilt tops to create graceful, breath-taking wall hangings, and then introduces her new techniques for embellishing wall quilts with unique fabric manipulations. Vikki demonstrates how much fun it is to make improvisational quilts by adding an assortment of fabric manipulations, to add texture and dimension to quilts. Some of the manipulations are sewn to the quilt surface; others are assembled into a created piece of fabric, or montage, using Vikki's innovative top surface strip-piecing method. The montage is then cut into patches and fashioned into an improvisational quilt.

Vikki loves to "scrap the pattern" and quilt by improvisation. She presents her quilt, Promise of Spring, with its charming willow tree branches gently creating ripples in a stream, and outlines in detail how it came into being as a germ of an idea and proceeded to take on a life of its own, "telling" her what it wanted and needed to be. Not surprisingly, the end result is a far cry from what Vikki envisioned when she decided to start her quilt and see where it would lead her.

In a separate chapter Vikki introduces her unique method of creating quilts with openings on the quilt surface. She includes patterns and instructions for adding even more creativity and originality to quilts by inserting into the openings, a latticework of thread lace, decorative threads, small tubes or other ornamental materials. Instructions and suggestions are supplied for fashioning the lace and the easiest methods of entwining the threads into the openings.

Another stop along the quilter's journey is a section devoted to techniques for adding individuality and character to quilts by using three-dimensional patches. Vikki uses facings to finish the backs of some patches and allows them to dangle freely from the quilt, an especially effective process when using accents such as leaves or flowers.

An informative chapter on the philosophy of color for quilters details how to choose fabrics to influence the mood and focus of quilts, how to blend fabrics to achieve a painterly quality, tips to achieve luminosity and how positioning color can affect the appearance of a quilt. Using her simple pattern, "My Star Dances" as a hands-on guide, Vikki illustrates her conversational discussion of color theory, including its terms and applications.

The last chapter is devoted to designing uniquely shaped borders--think curves, wedges and other shapes--inserted around the quilt perimeter. New ways of binding odd-shaped quilts include envelope, faux-binding, whole cloth faced-bindings, and bindings that can be faced to either the front or the back of quilt. Additionally, Vikki presents a painless method of mitering corners with straight or even curved edges that is easy, accurate and on target every time.

Vikki generously shares her quilting knowledge and expertise through sections called "Explorations"-- her tips, aids and suggestions for expanding the processes presented within the book and how to apply those methods to the reader's own projects. It's a graphically exciting book with numerous illustrations and photographs of breathtaking quilts that add clarity, inspiration and motivation to the quilter.

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