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Columbus, Ohio - 2008

Introducing Quilting Party!
Group Quilting for Celebration,
Commemoration & Charity (or Just for Fun
) by Linda Chang Teufel

Quilting Party! Group Quilting for Celebration, Commemoration & Charity or Just for Fun is the newest book release by esteemed teacher and author Linda Chang Teufel.

As the title suggests, Quilting Party! details how to organize a group quilting project. The ideas and techniques inside the pages of this full-color book will inspire readers to throw a quilting party for a variety of occasions including birthdays, weddings, graduations, anniversaries, retirements, fundraisers and of course, just for fun!

Teufel's quilting parties involve cutting a photo into squares, then each person gets one square of the photo, enlarges it and copies it onto fabric. Depending on the skill level of the participants, blocks can be completed by sewing or simply by painting, or drawing with fabric markers. The finished blocks are assembled to get a fun and funky quilt!

A quilting party can be held with a large group of participants in one space and completed in one day or can be done across the miles over a period of months – Teufel's book includes examples of projects completed both ways and illustrates just how versatile this type of project can be.

An experienced quilting teacher, Teufel clearly and concisely explains the best techniques for creating a group quilt and seeing the project through from start to finish. Teufel has thoughtfully organized Quilting Party! into two color-coded sections, one with instructions for the "Director" and one with instructions for "Participants". There are step-by-step instructions for organizing a group, gathering supplies, directions on the techniques for quilters and non-sewers, easy finishing methods and lots of ideas!

A quilting party is a fantastic activity for all kinds of groups – friends, families, neighbors, quilt guilds, charity groups, co-workers and even children. The beauty of the Quilting Party concept is that anyone can do it! Only the "Director", or leader, of the party needs to be a knowledgeable quilter.

Quilting Party! Group Quilting for Celebration, Commemoration & Charity or Just for Fun by Linda Chang Teufel will be available beginning mid-June 2008.

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